Happy Holidays Xmas2017 50% OFF

The SmartScripts Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This has been an exciting time for us and as we look forward to next year, we hope you have a successful and prosperous 2018!

From today 22/12/2017 you can use coupon code xmas2017 to get 50% OFF your STP or ST orders. All orders made this year 2017 could get free installation, if you are interrested just request this over bepe email.

Smart Tube Pro Free edition NEW

Smart Tube Pro is build from the ground up to be a full blown tube site content management solution. We are releasing Smart Tube Pro skimming version! You can now download and install unlimited copies of our hugely popular tube script for FREE! The FREE version of Smart Tube Pro has all the features that the commercial version has, nothing is taken out or crippled! With this release we hope to give many people the opportunity to start growing their own tube empire at low initial cost.

The script will skim 1.5% of your traffic per install, if you want to remove the skim you can simply buy a paid license key to migrate your free copies to the commercial non skimming version. Small link back to our site is required.

You can find detailed information about our tube script here.


What they say?

Finally after a long and frustrating search for the perfect tube script the search has ended. Smart Tube Professional is all you need to run whatever type of tube script you can think of. With it's build in payment processor support it's super easy to integrate payment support for CCBILL, EPOCH, MPA3, NATS4 to just name a few. The Smart Scripts team did it again!


Time has come to change from TGP's to tubes and Smart Tube Pro would be the best way to go with. After 2 weeks my my search engine traffic grew from almost a 0 to 7k per day. STP proved it self to be friendly to search engine and gave life to the site.


STP is the third tube script i get to setup and install from the ground, and i can tell you STP is at another level, i wont lie you here.. you will not have the site running in 1 day, but it will do EVERYTHING you need from a professional tube script, its fast and have all the features you might need. If you are working on a serious project then look no further, STP will be the key to your success.